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March 28, 2008

I watched this movie called “The Nines,” starring Ryan Reynolds and Hope Davis. There was a little girl in there who looked eerily similar to Dakota Fanning, and afterwards from the credits and some IMDb-ing, I found out it was actually her little sister, who I never knew existed. That aside, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and if you have any interest in the movie, I suggest you stop reading as I am most likely going to delve into some topics that could best be described as spoilers. Basically the character that Ryan Reynolds portrays is what is referred to as a “9.” This is based on a theoretical scale of “God” being a “10”, and humans being  a “7.” There is also some absurd (or is it?) reference to Koalas being “8’s” because they are telepathic and can control the weather. Whatever. So basically Ryan’s character is some kind of a cosmic being who is able to create and vaporize whole universes (at least a universe from the human perception) with just a thought. And he has been addicted to creating these universes and living in them and playing it out, and has started to lose sense of reality, like a crack addict or World of Warcraft addict. (There’s even a reference to “Evercrack”)

Anyway, the reason why I like the movie is because I connect with it on some kind of spiritual or intellectual level. Currently, I am a self-proclaimed agnostic. I have not quite decided or understood my existence and the existence of this world yet, but it does get clearer as the years pass. However, this movie explains things that I feel and believe more eloquently than I ever could. You see, I believe that our existence is much bigger than we can perceive. I think our perception of this universe is much different than how other beings perceive it, whether the being is an animal on earth, or some other cosmic/spiritual being. I believe in life outside of this earth. Sure, science primarily debunks the possibility of this happening, but I don’t think life outside of this earth can be perceived by us. It’s not something we can begin to understand. And our existences probably cannot be understood by most others either. So my main struggle in terms of my religion/spirituality has to do with whether or not there is a higher being, or higher beings (like the “9’s”), that have the capability to understand and/or control other existences. I have no idea if there is a term for people like me, but regardless, you should go see the movie if this type of thing interests you. Even if I did spoil all of the mystery of the plot.


spider house coffee

March 26, 2008

Spider House

So I’ve lived in Austin for almost 7 years (!), and never been to Spider House… until now. This is of course mostly due to the fact that I don’t really drink coffee. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s that I never really had the necessity for it like other people. Coffee and caffeine in general has very minimal effects on me, so I failed to see the benefits of drinking it, unless I was auditioning for a role to be an asian pirate (à la Chow Yun Fat) and purposely wanted realistic looking yellow teeth. I would of course have to drink coffee until I reached the age of the above mentioned semi-well-known-asian-actor without brushing my teeth. Speaking of coffee, I do have to say that I really like McDonald’s “new” iced coffee for no explicable reason whatsoever. I’m sure the lower cost psychologically affects my taste preference towards it. 

the homeless aversion creep-up

March 24, 2008

I’m not a bad person, really. I mean, heck, I even worked on a local community project once to help homeless people get back on their feet, as I believe a lot of them (maybe 25%) actually want to. They just can’t get jobs as easily because they suffer from discrimination by being homeless. But my behavior seems to contradict my beliefs, because of something I call the “Homeless Aversion Creep-up.” When driving on the road, and coming to those intersections congested with homeless people holding up signs with lame jokes like “Need $ for Beer,” I actually creep up as far as I can go to actually have my car bypass them and avoid eye contact. Like I said, I’m not really a bad person, it’s just that I don’t keep change, and I am uncomfortable with eye contact with strangers at intersections. If it was a brazilian supermodel in a bikini standing there, I’d probably do the same thing. Which makes me seem kind of anti-social, but I don’t believe I’m that either. Just anti-social in certain situations.

back in the blogosphere

March 23, 2008

Well I finally decided to start up a blog again. The last time I had an active blog, it was kind of before the time of modern blogs as we know it today. Online blog services weren’t popular then, and I created a site myself and had it hosted straight from my computer with a URL linked to my IP address. It sounds nerdy, but it really wasn’t. There was a section for journal entries, as well as sections for photography, graphic designs, and various other musings of an overly excited and possibly lonely college freshman. I actually remember sitting in class and drawing up different website designs and organizational methods instead of listening to the professor. I’ll try and dig up some screenshots of the site(s) when I get a chance. It should be interesting to see how long this one will last, as the previous one lasted from 2001-2003.