tennis rant

April 5, 2008

So I was watching the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami, which is a Master Series tournament, and basically the second biggest tournament on U.S. soil (U.S. Open In NY being #1 of course). Recently tennis tournaments have been broadcast on Fox Sports Network, moving from ESPN2. The commentators have changed, and the new ones suck, and the coverage is just horrible. Get this. I was watching the men’s quarterfinals: World #1 Roger Federer vs. U.S. #1 Andy Roddick. Federer has been in a kind of slump lately, not winning a tournament yet this year (I think). So if there was anytime Roddick was going to avenge his 11 straight losses to Federer, and to finally get a notch on the win column of his 1-15 head to head record, now was the time. Roddick pushed to a tiebreak in the 1st set, clinched it, but then lost the 2nd set. So now in the 3rd set, Roddick is up 4-3, and it’s on serve. The clock strikes 8pm (cst), and all of a sudden the Toyota Outdoor Report comes on with some guy talking about bass fishing. Ok, so I think this is one of those “coming up next, after the match” preview things, except it isn’t! They stopped coverage on the last set of this match, the closing moments, and I had to get online to find out that Roddick ended up breaking Federer’s serve and then holding to win the last set 6-3! A huge win for Roddick, and potentially a huge win for those who want to increase the popularity of the sport in the U.S. And no one got to see it! What’s up with that?! I mean sure, I can understand tennis playing second fiddle to Football, Basketball, even Golf, but bass fishing? I mean FSN decided to cut a LIVE broadcast, and exchange it for some taped Outdoor Report. Whatev. I am a huge fan of the sport, and it’s a disappointment to see the lack of effort to promote it. I have nothing more to say except that this guy says it all pretty well. 


2 Responses to “tennis rant”

  1. solarix888 Says:

    back country ppl love bass fishing, lol. since when do you use the phrase “get this” and “what’s up w/ that”? have you been reading the book i suggested?

  2. willtung Says:

    lol no i haven’t got around to it (the book). get this is not a common phrase of mine verbally, but what’s up w/ that is. :P

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