bcs chaos: how can texas play in the national championship?

November 23, 2008

Well, the Big 12 South now has been thrown into total BCS controversy. Who deserves to go? Who has a better résumé? Who is the hottest team right now? I don’t know, and I don’t really want to get into that kind of argument. If Oklahoma wins next weekend, it’s very likely they will jump Texas to #2 in the BCS ranking, play in the Big 12 Championship, win that, and go to the National Championship against either Florida or Alabama. This is the most likely scenario. However, being a Longhorn alumni, I do have to think about the possible ways that we can play in the National Championship. Here are 8 that I cooked up, and some of them are quite possible:

1. Everyone wins out, but it’s not enough to push OU over TX in the BCS rankings, so TX goes to win Big 12 and then goes to NC.

2. TT loses hope/focus and loses to Baylor. TX wins the head-to-head against OU and goes to Big 12, then NC.

3. OU loses to OSU. TT wins the head-to-head against TX and wins Big 12, but it’s not enough to get them higher ranked than TX in the BCS rankings. TX goes to NC.

4. OU loses to OSU. TT wins the head-to-head against TX and loses Big 12 to Missouri. Texas is the only one loss team left in the Big 12 and goes to NC.

5. OU beats OSU, jumps Texas in the BCS, goes to Big 12, but loses to Missouri in the NC. Texas is highest ranked team in the Big 12 in the BCS, goes to NC.

6. Florida loses to FSU, becomes a 2-loss team, then beats an undefeated Alabama in the SEC. Alabama drops below TX and OU, who become #1 and #2 and play the NC.

7. Florida loses to FSU, Alabama loses to Auburn. Florida beats Alabama in SEC, both become 2-loss teams, drop below TX and OU, who play the NC.

8. Florida beats FSU, Alabama loses to Auburn, then Florida loses to Alabama in the SEC. Alabama’s loss to Auburn dropped them below TX and OU, who play the NC. (most unlikely)

So next week’s games to watch are OU vs. OSU, Florida vs. FSU, Alabama vs. Auburn, and TT vs. Baylor. The only most likely certain outcome is TT beating Baylor. OSU has home field advantage, FSU is actually not bad, and Auburn has won like 6 straight against Alabama.

NC = National Championship
OU = Oklahoma Sooners
TX = Texas Longhorns
TT = Texas Tech Red Raiders
OSU = Oklahoma State Cowboys
FSU = Florida State Seminoles


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