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what’s in my tennis bag

April 26, 2008

What's in My Tennis Bag

Clockwise (kind of) from bag:

1. Wilson Tour Super Six Pack with Thermoguard – I think this is the ’05 model. Don’t quote me on that. Anyway, the great thing about this bag (aside from its cavernous space) is that there are backpack straps on the back for easier carrying.

2. Volkl Tour 10 V-Engine Mid Racquet – This is a 93″, 18×20, 18mm thin beast, strung with a hybrid setup (Luxilon Mains, cheap synthetic crosses). It is still selling for an “on sale” price at Tennis Warehouse for $99, but I was able to find it at some random tennis shop in a chinese mall in Houston for $65. They only had one though :-/ Too bad. This racquet swings around quick, almost whip like.

3. Pro Kennex Ceramic Silver Ace Mid Racquet – This is a 90″ frame, and is currently just a backup and grommet-less frame. I used to have eight of these, but being as they were all made in the 80’s I think, and were all ceramic composites, the frames did not last long and all succumbed to various cracks. This is the sole survivor. Too bad, since I was able to get them off of eBay for an avg. price of $25 each.

4. Nike Spring Basic Feather Light Hat – Dri-Fit, very light, very thin, and very cool (meaning it keeps your head cool).

5. OFF! Clean Feel Insect Repellent II – This one has Picaridin as the active ingredient (as opposed to the more popular DEET), which allows it to be non-oily and grease-free.

6. Coppertone Sport Sunblock Spray – Sweatproof, waterproof, and SPF 15.

7. Wilson Pro Overgrips – 10+2 Roll

8. Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Strings – Used for my mains, 16L gauge, Silver. These are great, last forever, and prevent your strings from moving all the time.

9. Wilson Stamina Strings – Used for my crosses, 16 gauge, White. Softens up the Luxilons a bit, and are cheap, as well as durable.

10. Nike Swoosh Bandana – Federer/Nadal style. :P

11. Nike Swoosh Headband – James Blake style. :P

12. Nike Swoosh Wristbands – Ahh, if only I could play like Federer, Nadal, or Blake. Or even a 4.5-5.0 for that matter.

13. Nike Towel – This one almost feels like microfiber. But it’s not.

14. Babolat ElastoCross String Saver Locks – Used for parts of my stringbed which are about to break.

15. Miniature Fisker Scissors – For cutting ends of overgrips and cutting out broken strings.

16. Kleenex – For my allergies to almost every vegetation known to man.

17. Pete Sampras Vibration Dampeners – Made by Unique. In Black and Red.

18. Nike Compression Ankle Sleeve – For the times when I slightly roll on my ankle and need added support.

19. Adidas Barricade IV Tennis Shoes – This is my second pair of this model. The pervious ones were black/white/red. These are the best shoes I’ve tried, although I haven’t tried the new Barricade V’s. The 2nd best shoes would be the Reebok Pumps that Roddick used to wear; not the new KFS ones, but the Match Day Pumps.

20. Express Sweatpants – For warming up when it’s cold out. Windbreaker style.

21. Hanes Socks – Backup socks.

22. USTA Code – The Rules of Tennis, 2007 edition. Great for disputing calls. :P

23. Wilson US Open Balls – Extra Duty felt. Second best balls I’ve tried. Best ones being the Dunlop GrandPrix Extra Duties.

24. Igloo Elite Cooler – 1/2 Gallon.