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the day begins

September 6, 2008

Moonstone Beach @ Cambria

it’s dark,
it’s six.
i groggily get myself out of bed,
quickly snack on a cookie,
and wash it down.

i can hear waves crashing,
i can’t see anything,
i know it’s near,
through the fog.
the sound of my feet pounding on wood,
in sync with my heart.

the seagulls are awake, why aren’t you?
wake up!
take off the sweater, kick it into gear.

slowly, waves peek through the fog,
clashing with the smells of earthy tones.
light, ever so subtly, ebbs and flows,
… revealing.

the path winds, and climbs,
but it’s easy now to weave.
no music is needed,
the ocean provides its own soundtrack.

the day begins.


running, new balance, and nike+

April 8, 2008

I have a love/hate relationship with running. Much like the new New Balance commercials (1, 2, 3). I love the feeling you get when you pass the 1 mile mark, and all of a sudden your body feels like it’s on auto-pilot and you can run on forever without feeling any pain. I love the fact that when you get to the end of your run, and you start to kick it in, your adrenaline pumps through your legs and you can’t feel anything at all and it almost feels like you’re floating to the finish. I love the variety of scenery. I hate that after a few weeks, my knees start to hurt and I am relegated to taking a long break. I hate that I have no friends to run with these days and am pretty much less motivated to do it on a daily basis. I used to run a lot throughout middle school and high school via track & field and cross country, and did it on and off throughout college. I was even so lame in 7th grade that I penned-in “Eat My Dust” on the backs of my shoes. Don’t Laugh. Anyway, now I’m itching to get back in.

When Nike first introduced their Nike+ iPod doohicky which married an iPod with a Nike branded high tech pedometer, I was unimpressed. I didn’t own an iPod that supported it (1GB iPod Shuffle Gen II for me), and I didn’t want to purchase one just so I could have a geek’s gadget fantasy way of keeping track of my runs. Now that Nike has announced the April 10 release of Nike+ Sportband, I just might have the incentive/motivation to get back in, assuming the product is priced reasonably. Funny thing, I’m neither a fan of Nike or New Balance running shoes. I got me my pair of Asics Gel-Evolution II’s. Anyone want to motivate me via an online Nike+ competition?